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Echo and its usefulness

As an amateur stuck out in a distant part of the globe from the USA &
Europe, I would like to express an opinion I suspect is shared if not voiced
by many amateurs outside of the previously mentioned places.
Leo satellites are little or no use to myself and people in locations like
mine. You see when the footprint of the Leo passes over us , who can we talk
to, only the same people we can chat to on 2mtr simplex anyway.That is why
they are not a draw card to attach new people into the satellite side of the
hobby. I believe many other countries in South America, the Far East, and
Africa would also have few amateurs who would use them.
So to come to the point , it would be nice if Echo could be funded, launched
and made operational so that the next HEO bird could be progressed as soon
as possible.
I am not having a dig at those who use the Leo's as they are extremely
useful to you guys in the States and Europe but please put them into
perspective, its the big coverage birds that attact the majority of the
worlds Dx'ing satellite operators.
I only discovered AO-40 about 7 months ago and I've had more fun on the
radio in that time than I've had in the past 22 years as a licenced amateur.
I hope this is taken in the spirit it was sent and not as a complaint !!
My donation will be on its way this week.
As a previous poster commented
" Shields up Mr Sulu "

73 de Keith VK6XH

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