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Re: Re: Secrets...

When Kevin launched this string, I thought he was a bit off track.  But
maybe not!  My 2 cents worth inserted below .....

Grant Zehr AA9LC

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From: "William Leijenaar" <pe1rah@hotmail.com>
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> Hi AMSATs,
> In my opinion these circuits must not beeing sold. Then they would only
> to the 'rich' amateurs that even don't know how to hold a screw-driver,
> talk like they are the best designers in the world......

So how is a 'rich' amateur who can't handle a screwdriver going to duplicate
your circuit, test it, integrate it into a satellite and get it launched?
Nobody is rich enough to launch his own satellite, and if he was so rich he
would just buy a transponder from you too, not build one!

> Me as designer of the Dutch VUSAT transponder have received many emails
> questions for thecircuit designs of my transponder. Even kits, and
> copies of my transponder have been asked. I refuse to give any of these
> information to these hams.......

That is your option.  If that is your position I will try to remember not to
ask you any questions.

> Keep them only for the real designers, it keeps the level of technology
> high, and the future satellite better :o)

The reason I built a satellite ground station, is that I was curious about
how satellites worked and wanted to learn more about satellite operations.
I don't need AO-40 to talk to Europe or Africa...it's ten times easier on
HF.  It is a thrill to work DX on the AO-40, though, because of the
challenge and because I learned enough to put a station together and do it.
For me, that's enough.  I am curious about the inner workings of the
satellites, but not curious enough to need a set of plans.   BUT...I would
hope that if I wanted to learn more about BUILDING the SATELLITES (not just
the ground station) I could get a chance through AMSAT.  Maybe not.  Too bad
I'm not a 'real designer'.  One of the reasons that us 'dummies' join AMSAT
is to learn about new communications technologies, and maybe become a little
less 'dumb' in the process.  And occasionally, one of us may even learn
enough to contribute something important.

This afternoon I looked again at the description of Oscar-6 by Jan King in
the July and August 1973 QST.  There was a lot of very good information
there and you finish with the idea that you understand how the spacecraft
works, even without a complete schematic.  This level of description should
be available to all AMSAT members about every spacecraft which AMSAT
sponsers.  It doesn't infringe on intellectual rights, patents, technology
sharing or anything.  It does help the ground station operator understand
the spacecraft and use it more intelligently.
> Designers must design a satellite and talkers must talk about the project
> the people around the world to make the project more interresting to
> financers :o)

Fund raising is important, but nobody joins AMSAT (or any other
organization) because they like to raise funds!

> Everyone its own part... that would make everything so much easier...
> 73 de PE1RAH, William

So just send the money to the 'real designers', who know what we really need
and will build it for us, and eventually will tell us how to use it, and we
if are too stupid to realize this is a good system, then that's just too
bad?!   And membership is down, I hear...

End of Gripe...I'm actually having great fun on AO-40!

Well, not exactly RIGHT NOW, you see it was a great design, but it had this
little problem and kind of blew up and now it is turned off for a while and
.....  :-)

Grant Zehr  AA9LC

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