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Re: AO-7 mode

Hi Bob,

AO-07 is in whatever mode it wants to come on in. The control logic shuts 
down everytime it sails into darkness, and resets when it powers up again. 
It randomly picks a mode.

That said, it seems to come in mode B most of the time - at least down here 
in ZL. Mode A is less frequent.

You simply have to listen on both modes. Do try however, because when it's 
running in mode B, it transmits a great downlink signal.

Sil - ZL2CIA

Bob DeVarney wrote:
>Anyone know what mode AO-7 is in? I would like to try working it for the
>first time, and I can't seem to hear it.. I don't know if it's a time of day
>thing, or what.
>Many thanks and VY 73 de WE1U
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