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Re: Secrets...


In my opinion these circuits must not beeing sold. Then they would only get 
to the 'rich' amateurs that even don't know how to hold a screw-driver, but 
talk like they are the best designers in the world.

The designs must be available for the real designers. designers that can 
proof they know what they are talking about, and it doesn't matter if they 
have money enough to buy these circuits.

Me as designer of the Dutch VUSAT transponder have received many emails with 
questions for thecircuit designs of my transponder. Even kits, and complete 
copies of my transponder have been asked. I refuse to give any of these 
information to these hams, because they are not interresting in the 
technology, but only in copying and having a transponder (with their name on 
it at the end ofcourse), and I have spend many time and money to develope 
(I already have many experience with other projects of me, its a way of 
learning to protect your designs)
Real designers will come with technical questions, about circuit parts, not 
about questions about whole transponders...

Keep them only for the real designers, it keeps the level of technology 
high, and the future satellite better :o)

Designers must design a satellite and talkers must talk about the project to 
the people around the world to make the project more interresting to 
financers :o)
Everyone its own part... that would make everything so much easier...

73 de PE1RAH, William

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