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Re: Secrets...

On Saturday 06 December 2003 07:17, Malcolm Preston wrote:
> Louis,
> The method AMSAT has used to deal with the folks that are mostly
> contributing their efforts in design has resulted in tremendous savings to
> us.  The cost of the satellite is now almost incidental to the launch
> costs.

Thats a good thing...
> I hope you can support the launch as it takes us all.

I have already sent in my money...
> I also encourage you to involve yourself with the design teams and bring
> your expertise to bear.

this is the problem...
if you have never built a sat ...   how do you know if you have the expertise 
to be able to contribute? you might see the real guts and say man this is way 
over my head.... or hey this is a piece of cake! I could help with this.....

If there was a EAGLE documentation project...  on the next sat you might get 
volunteers saying I saw what you did on the last sat... I could do the 
milling of metal parts for you, can I help?...  or I'm skilled at doing 
wiring harnesses can I help?  I'm a certified mil spec solderer can I help? 
etc... etc...

> Mal Preston, NP2L

73 Kevin WA6FWF

> > Hi Kevin and All,
> >
> > kevin schuchmann wrote:
> >
> > >
> > >    I have asked before for detailed info on AO40 and have found that
that some
> > > systems are proprietary, and there are no component level schematics
> > > available for the general viewing...
> >
> > Sorry, this is not completely true!!!
> >
> > All the information of AO-40 is in the so-called "Green Book".
> > The mechanical and electrical books together are about 9 cm thick,
> > about 1000 pages, printed on both sides.
> > We have similar books for all previous "Phase 3" projects.


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