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Re: Secrets...

I've tried to trim it a bit..

On Sat, Dec 06, 2003 at 09:29:49AM -0500, Louis A. Mamakos wrote:
> > Hi Kevin and All,
> > kevin schuchmann wrote:
> > > systems are proprietary, and there are no component level schematics
> > > available for the general viewing...
> > Sorry, this is not completely true!!!
> >
> > All the information of AO-40 is in the so-called "Green Book".
> > The mechanical and electrical books together are about 9 cm thick,
> Why not sell this documentation as a fund-raising tool?  Some might
> be willing to pay money beyond the reproduction costs to have an
> "interesting souvenir."

  How much of the docs are in PDF format? Why not scan the docs once,
put it all onto a CD and sell that for fund raising say at $100US (or 100 euros)
a pop?

- Diane VA3DB
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