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Hi Kevin and All,

kevin schuchmann wrote:

>    I have asked before for detailed info on AO40 and have found that that some 
> systems are proprietary, and there are no component level schematics 
> available for the general viewing...

Sorry, this is not completely true!!!

All the information of AO-40 is in the so-called "Green Book".
The mechanical and electrical books together are about 9 cm thick,
about 1000 pages, printed on both sides.
We have similar books for all previous "Phase 3" projects.

There is no secret or proprietary information, other than peoples
intellectuality. In fact, some groups and the core people who
build AO-40 have a copy and some information is already re-used
on the newer projects.
For education, a lot of details from these books were also
published in our AMSAT-DL Journal or other places, when appropriate.

In general, we (at AMSAT-DL) have a policy that everything
which goes into the satellite (hardware and software) must be
fully documented and everything (schematics, source code, etc.)
must be available to the project team for review.
Not only for safety concerns, but also for contingency planning's.
Most of the module designers have no problem with this policy.
Only a few requested, that they have to be consulted first, before
anything is made available to a wider public.

Unfortunately, we had only one case (related to software) were
we did not follow this rule 100%. This created problems later
on and was a proof that our policy in fact was right..

However, this does not automatically mean that every radio
amateur on earth must have full access to these information's.

We do not give the green books away for "free".

Not only, that it costs a lot of money to reproduce these books,
it also costs a lot of time. We are a voluntary organization,
we want to build satellites, not a documentation service...

If someone wants it, he can come to us and convince us, that it
is for a real serious project and not an interesting souvenir
to have.

A side effect is, that we also do not want that some "arm chair"
designers bombard us with comments like "why did you used
that part, I would have done it this way.." etc..

If someone really wants to get involved and want to support
the project, he will be given the chance to have access to
all the above.. but it won't be as simple as "just" asking
for a copy of the schematics for the satellite..

73s Peter DB2OS

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