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RE: diagrams

Greetings Kevin and the group

my $.02...

Ever since I got started with the Mode A birds, I have
had an interest in a 'satellite builders handbook'.  
After years of inquiries, I kind of gave up on it since
it either didnt exist, or existed in multiple professional
texts, or within the aerospace industry.  Chicago is not
exactly an aerospace hotbed so no chance to rub elbows
with the space folk.
Anyway, boo hoo...
So, I would still love to see some collection of construction
articles at the building/integration level and even contribute
my time to building something - even if it didnt fly, just
the fact that I took on a new technical challange and got it
to work.  Right now, the amateur balloon projects is about
as perfect a match as I can find.  I could build a payload
and get it launched, and see the curve of the earth, digipeat
packet, and transpond uhf and microwave signals.

This sounds a bit like the guys that wanted to build personal
computers in the days of Univac, Burroughs, Amdahl, IBM, et. al.

I do know that various universities have courses in building
nano and pico sats - would the course information provide the
handbook for all us wanabe garage satellite builders and
microwave geeks?  If so, where do we order the book(s)?

73 de AA9IL
1.2 Ghz ... 24Ghz, 47GHz soon...

Caution, Distance Ahead
CoreComm Webmail. 

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