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Hi All,
    I would like to make a request now in the early life of EAGLE, that 
detailed drawings, diagrams and schematics be kept of EAGLE.

   Part of AMSAT'S bylaws is  "Encouraging development of skills and the 
advancement of specialized knowledge in the art and practice of amateur radio 
communications and space science."

   I have asked before for detailed info on AO40 and have found that that some 
systems are proprietary, and there are no component level schematics 
available for the general viewing...

   I would also like to see the detailed info on ECHO, but I already figure 
that since most of the systems belong to Spacequest that those will not be 
available either...

  Now before anyone jumps.... I know there is lots of info out there...
and a lot of good articles have been written....  

 But I for one would pay to have the "EAGLE technical manual"
a very detailed manual of the inner workings of the sat,minus any sections 
involving command  of course...

 I'm sure there are others that might feel the same way,some to learn, some 
just for curiosity sake,  plus who knows you might get some bright young hams 
interested in becoming the next wave of sat builders...


p.s. if someone on the BOD thinks this might have merit please forward it to 

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