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Who is making these huge dishes ?


I'm now in San Jose, Costa Rica.
On my travel through central america I see many large dishes used for TV 
I asked some local people for the company selling these dishes, but somehow 
nobody knows, or they tell me the company doesn't exist anymore.

I see them in all countries of central america, so somehow there must be a 
company in one of those countries that makes them. I heared the dishes are 
relative cheap (compaired to Europe).

I have been looking on internet, but I guess the problem is that I have to 
learn more Spanish to find any usefull webpage hihi. What I found is some 
page with pictures of the dishes, so you can have a look what I am talking 
about. Look at the following link:


The dishes are all minimum 4meter in diameter, all central focused, and 
strong structure.
2.4 GHz can easily be done when I see the actuarate structure.
These dishes are maybe ideal for satellite, EME, or maybe later for 
recieving P5a :o)
No more problems of building yourself, just assemble the parts and you have 
a cool dish...

The only problem is, who making these dishes ????
I am now in Costa Rica, and I go to south america later.

73 de PE1RAH, in San Jose, Costa Rica....

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