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BBS satellite documentation software

Hi All,

Thanks to Mike N1JEZ who kindly accepted my proposition to add a
line with International Object catalog numbers into its weekly ANS bulletins
just after each satellite names.

This allowed me to write a simple software, named SATDOC, for
updating F6FBB BBS satellite documentation files.
With this software activated during night maintenance, BBS sysops will be
freed from a time consuming task, keeping these files updated if they
ever did it before.

SATDOC performs extraction of individual satellite informations from ANS
bulletins and writes it down into files named after catalog number
(adding .sat
extension) that users connected to a BBS can consult easily.

Different compilations of the program (16bit-DOS, Win32, Linux) can be
found here in respective subdirs :


Versions exist in english and french.

Satdoc is provided with an installation procedure which is very similar to
SATUPDAT, another utility I wrote a few years ago for
updating automatically satellite BBS database (can be found on the same 
FTP site).

Although SATDOC it is a very elementary software, I included the source in C

73 de Bernard, F6BVP

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