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Re: Radar Pings off ISS

> Navy Satellite Radar at 217 MHz:
> Bottom line.  We must ANTICIPATE the exact Doppler and pre-tune the
> receiver to ... that correct frequency or we wont hear it at all...
> Cant wait to try again...

And InstantTrack is trivial to set up for this exact solution.
1) Set your station coordinates as normal
2) Add a second OBSERVER in the station list for SPASUR at 33.5N, 98.7W
3) Edit the Elements for ISS to set its "beacon freq" to 217 MHz
4) While observing the real-time track screen, add the second observer
   with the O-S command

Now then InstantTrack displays in real time on the bottom of the screen
both the AZ/EL's from you and SPASUR to ISS.... and the instantaneous
Doppler too.  If I figure it correctly, your resultant Doppler is just the
algebraic sum of the two...

So for today's pass, Im gonna 1) Calibrate my receiver, 2)  listen 2 KHz
higher at my location...

Again, Steve, W5ZA hears lots of stuff on his dipole in Louisanna, and I
predict that I can hear in Maryland only -15 dB below what he hears and
using a 10 dB antenna here, I'm still hopeful...   Atlanta to Las Vegas
can hear 5 dB better than I...


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