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Need help with calibrating FODTRACK hdwe interface


I'm in the process of integrating a FODTRACK hardware
interface with my NOVA tracking program and my G5400
rotator controller. NOVA outputs binary codes to my
LPT1 port OK, as seen by a kluge that I made from a
DB-25 connector and 10 LEDs & ballast resistors.  I
hung this on the end of my LPT1 port and can see the
LEDs flicker as a satellite makes a pass with the
autotracking enabled in NOVA.
  What I need now and has evaded me so far is to write
static data of FFh and 00h into the TLC7528 dual D/A
into the hardware interface to allow me to calibrate
the setup with the az&el output voltage adjust pots on
the back of the G5400 controller box.  NOVA only does
this for serial ports.  I downloaded the FODTRACK
software and attempted to use its "calibrate" function
while watching the LED kluge.  At first, I was
successful: I could write any code that I wanted to
the LPT1 port.  Later, I tried again, but received a
"Cannot find configuration file. Cannot continue."
message. The config file is in the same place that it
was when I was successful, and hadn't been modified.
  Does anyone have an idea about what happened, or
alternative ways that I could complete calibration?

73, Bill Rausch, AA6PA

Can anyone  
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