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Re: 2.4 GHz wireless network interference to AO-40 station ??

As long as WAP's default to channel 1, most people won't bother to 
change the channel unless they encounter enough interference that they 
decide to crack the manual and find out they can change it.

Although .. some good news .. I know of one manufacturer whose latest 
802.11b/g WAP's default to channel 11, so those are unlikely to wander 
into the downlink without deliberate effort.  As for the older ones, 
well, I encourage folks to move off channel 1 whenever possible, and 
when I set up a WLAN of my own it's on 6 or higher if at all possible ..

On Sunday, Nov 30, 2003, at 11:57 US/Central, Emily Clarke wrote:

> It depends - if you are in a high density area it can be really bad.
> I had a neighbor who was parked on channel 1 and causing major 
> headaches for me.  It was an easy problem to fix.  I took an old 40 
> Bit Encryption hub I wasn't using and put it on channel 1, and ran my 
> new 128 bit encryption hub on channel 2.  After a few days he got the 
> hint and moved to channel 8.
> This worked well with 802.11B but unfortunately I still haven't found 
> the neighbor with the frequency hopping phone, which is S9 when they 
> have a phone call.
> - Emily
> At 08:38 PM 11/29/2003 -0800, Jeff wrote:
>>         I want to add a wireless router and wireless PCI cards to the
>> computers in the house to my DSL connection at home and was wondering 
>> if
>> that might cause interference to my AO-40 station on the downlink.
Heard from a flight instructor:
"The only dumb question is the one you DID NOT ask, resulting in my 
going out and having to identify your bits and pieces in the midst of 
torn and twisted metal."

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