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Re: 2.4 GHz wireless network interference to AO-40station ??

Good for you!  that is all these people deserve!  Cliff K7RR

Emily Clarke wrote:
> It depends - if you are in a high density area it can be really bad.
> I had a neighbor who was parked on channel 1 and causing major headaches
> for me.  It was an easy problem to fix.  I took an old 40 Bit Encryption
> hub I wasn't using and put it on channel 1, and ran my new 128 bit
> encryption hub on channel 2.  After a few days he got the hint and moved to
> channel 8.
> This worked well with 802.11B but unfortunately I still haven't found the
> neighbor with the frequency hopping phone, which is S9 when they have a
> phone call.
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