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Re: Digipeaters in space

At 11:07 30/04/03 -0400, you wrote:
>AX.25 UI Digipeating in the Amateur Satelite Service:
>Since I began experimenting with HT digital messaging and status reporting
>via satellite in the 1998 time frame, we have gone from 9 potentially
>capable satellites down to none.
>As of this week there are no reliable AX.25 digipeaters in space.  Over
>this 5 year period and seeing thousands of users on PCsat and via ISS, I
>still have never gotten the impression that general UI digipeating is
>considered a priority within the powers-that-be within the Amateur
>Satellite Service.  Yes, neat.  Fundamental.... no.
>In fact, some even think that BBS style operations is the #1 priority for
>packet in space.  Many still consider UI digipeating or APRS via satellite
>as a small niche in the big scheme of things in the Amateur Satellite
>Service and inconsequential.
>Maybe we don't hear from the AX.25-only-users who do not participate
>in "satellite meetings and discussions" but who use the AX.25
>satellite digipeaters anyway as just a simple alternative to their
>terrestrial ones, thus they are "under" represented in discussions?
>Bob, WB4APR
OK Bob so now you hear from one AX.25 UI user and experimenter. The APRS 
mode has proved so handy (no pun) that I have briefly implemented it 
on  UHF CB. (470Mhz in VK).
 From time to time I work out in the "Bush" in one of our enormous National 
Parks. The work is occasionally hazardous, involving heavy machinery. with 
a 2M handy and a laptop it was almost trivial to "report in" two or three 
times a day via ISS or PCsat or both. A simple POS and OPS NORMAL is very 
reassuring for the family at home. Also gives a "last known pos" in case of 
I really can't understand why more people haven't used it this way.

I have since tried briefly through a UHF CB repeater, with excellent 
results. Not sure about the legallity here in VK... the data burst is very 
short but still provokes cussing from other users!!!

With another bird and some emphasis on the practicalities rather than the 
experimental nature we could *grow* the niche

Keep up the good work!!! The telemetry method and style is also a great aid 
to learning and understanding spacecraft operation. Ask my young son! His 
question was.. "why can't you just build a repeater like PCSAT and put it 
on a big hill when you go bush?"

Norm, VK2XCI
Voice of the Edge of The Outback
Mount Hope, NSW, Australia.

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