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Re: Digipeaters in space

When I first heard of the PCSAT digipeater concept, my immediate response
was "why"? After all, we had all the PACSAT satellites that seemed to be
more capable. I was always convinced that the ultimate satellite carries all
the processing intelligence on board. PCSAT taught me that this is only true
if the on board intelligence can be modified from the ground to evolve with
changing demand. A space based digipeater is a very good compromise to
having on board intelligence. By regenerating the digital data, the link
budget requirements are roughly reduced by half and by placing the routing
intelligence on the ground, changes are easily managed. The reduced size and
power requirements of a digipeater also provide more secondary payload
opportunities. I think PCSAT confirmed the concept of UI messaging. A small
constellation of digipeaters in space and an active recruitment of internet
connected gateways around the world could provide global, hendheld,
communications even in very remote areas. Even though I never digipeated a
single packet through PCSAT I will miss possibilities it held for future
ingenius applications.


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