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Users of pcsat and ARISS web pages

If you use "pcsat.aprs.org" or "www.ariss.net"
I'd like to get your opinion. Replies to me only.  I will summarize.

I'd like to know if you would like to see a DATE/TIME stamp on the page to
show when it was valid.  I consider this essential, since the page
presents all the data in "relative" terms, AGE relative to the instant it
was downloaded.  Thus once it is downloaded, a file copy or a printed copy
or a copy sitting on your screen in your absence, is of no value since it
does not have the date time stamp on it.  The data on the page is
ambiguous without a time stamp except for "now".

I have asked for the date/time stamp repeatedly over the last year or so,
but the author says I am the only person out of 35,000 hits a month that
has asked for it, so it is obviously not worth doing.  He did add a UTC
stamped format months ago, but that requires a separate download and it
does not show AGE which I find the most useful..

As of today, he did add the date-time stamp at the bottom.  But I contend
that it should be at the top of the STATION-LIST section and the top of
the RECENT-ACTIVTY lists which is where the most recently heard packets
relative to that date/time stamp are shown.  At the bottom is quite far
away from its relevance.

So, let me know YES or NO if you think adding a date/time stamp is a good
idea such as this:




The author contends that adding the Date/Time stamp there clutters the
page for everyone else who has not asked for it..

If you dont care, then no reply needed as you will be considered to be one
of the 35,000 who has not asked for it.

Please send replies to me,  I dont want to make a mountain out of a mole
hill, but just want to see if I really am that far in the minority or if
other viewers of these pages see the value in a date/time stamp of the
AGE data.. I will summarize the results.


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