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Audio Amsat News Service Bulletins available on Echolink

Audio Amsat News Service Bulletins Available on Echolink
As an experiment, I have recorded this week's Amsat News
Service Bulletins and placed them on the Amsat Echolink
Conference Server.   Echolink users can visit the AMSAT
conference and listen to the audio with the ".play" command.  
The bulletins are listed in reverse order (my mistake) so
the intro is actually number 7 right now. The command
".play 7" will play the introduction.  A list of all the bulletins
is available with the ".list" command. Don't forget the
leading period.
This is intended not so much for the regular AMSAT crowd
as for the amateur who just happens to join the AMSAT
conference.  This is just experimental at this stage and this
is the first time I've done this.  Your comments and feedback
would be appreciated. Please send comments, suggestions,
and flames to my email address above or to my callsign at
In addition, if you would be interested in being an announcer
yourself, then email me.
If you have no idea what this Echolink thing is all about,
EchoLink is software which allows Amateur Radio stations
to  communicate with one another over the Internet, using
voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology.   You connect speakers
and a microphone to your computer, connect your computer
to the Internet, run the Echolink software and talk to other
amateurs around the world.  Echolink access is only
available to licensed amateur radio operators.
You can find a list of frequently asked questions about
Echolink and the answers to those questions at
More information specifically on Amsat's Echolink
conference is available at:
If you aren't already on Echolink, then you can get the
software, get more information and register for access
to Echolink from their home page at:
Douglas KA2UPW

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