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APOLOGY TO BOB, was: Worse than SARS in US...

> On Behalf Of Bob Bruninga
> Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 4:45 PM
> I had no intent to cast any judgment on guns.  I was simply
> noting that lots of people die everyday and the media never
> puts their hysterical hype coverage in perspective.  The
> exact numbers PER DAY for the top cause of deaths in the
> 5812 from illness (not counting flu and pneumonnia)
>  259 from flu and pneumonia
>  112 from auto accidents
>   92 from guns
>   80 from suicide
>   54 from accidents in the home and work
> No judgement intended other than my disgust with the media
> hype and lack of putting things in perspective when they
> focus their camera in on someone's tradegy and broadcast
> it into every living room in the country.

Bob, perhaps I was a bit too quick to jump also.  I have the same feeling
you do for the media.  It was that exact hysterical hype coverage I was
speaking out about.  As the media sensationalizes it, so do the people
re-quoting false data.  Yes, 92/day is close to 100/day, and "100" sounds so
much better.  But it was not correct.  The anti-gun bias is ridiculous, but
every day we legal law-abiding gun owners and sport shooters are looked upon
as criminals for what is a legal hobby.  And we (I) are tired of it.  And
many more things ARE more dangerous.  For instance, CDC data again.

Cancer (all types):	6,621/day.
Medical Malpractice:  	268/day.

A few deaths are a tragedy.  A large number of deaths is a statistic.  Not
everyone has a gun, but almost everyone has a doctor.  You will never see
that on the news... no blood.  As for murder, the #1 weapon of choice is
bare hands.  #2 is knives.  Guns are a distant #3.

I was surprised that someone of your ability, usually quite exact and
correct in your answers on this list, would quote something like that
incorrectly.  And I over-reacted.  It comes from the constant onslaught the
phobic anti-gun crowd keeps pushing out at us.

Please accept my apology.  Seems we may be on the same side when it comes to
the media in any case.  In the future I will bite my tongue, try to be
slower "on the draw" <grin>, and read more careful.

Mike.  KD9KC

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