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RE: RE: HF +satellite radio?

Hi Jim

> since on HF, I am nothing but a casual ragchewer, are the added
> filters overly needed?

I'd say no, but you may get other responses. I have the Inrad 2.1kHz filter.
I couldn't hear the difference replacing the stock SSB filter with the Yaesu
optional SSB filter, but the Inrad does make a difference.

> TS-2000 advantages:
>      Mobile control head smaller than 847

Yes, but it's darned difficul to operate satellite from the control head! It
takes a bit of getting used to on SSB ecause of the detented tuning knob.
You use a different knack. I have it set to click in 1kHz steps for rapid
band scanning and then press it in for 10Hz clicks to narrow in on a QSO.
Sounds tricky but it's second nature now.

> 847 advantages:
>      847 smaller if B-2000 not using mobile head

Definitely. Doesn't seem much but the 847 is also significantly less deep.

>      Direct control of matching Yaesu screwdriver antenna for HF

You can get a device from
http://www.amcominc.com/productdetail.cfm?Prod_ID=959 to tune the ATAS-100
screwdriver antenna from the TS-2000's "AT" button. Also there's a generic
screwdriver antenna version
http://www.amcominc.com/productdetail.cfm?Prod_ID=957 for those who like
enormous mobile antennas.

See also the Photos section of the
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KenwoodTS-2000/ group.

I'm sure you don't need much excuse to drill another hole in your truck,
Jim. ;-)

73 Howard G6LVB

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