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RE: RE: HF +satellite radio?

Hello Folks

I have both the 847 and the TS-2000. FWIW here's my take on them, but please
bear in mind that I hardly ever work HF, being almost uniquely a satellite

FT-847 Pros over TS-2000

o Preamp power
o Discriminator meter (good for Doppler correction on FM analog/digital

FT-847 Cons

o Some (ie, mine!) have nasty birdies in the FO-20/29 passband when
o Optional IF filters can make the radio expensive

TS-2000 Pros over FT-847

o No filters to buy due to IF DSP
o Full computer control (including volume, squelch etc etc)
o Dual receive (but FM/AM only on 2m, 70cm, airband on 2nd rx)
o Internal TNC (but of limited use for digital satellite operation)
o HF automatic ATU
o Optional 1.2GHz module

TS-2000 Cons

o Big birdie on AO-27/SO-50 downlink makes operating AO-27/SO-50 very
o When operating satellite mode, the transverter display function operating
on the downlink cuts the uplink power to 5W (renders this feature useless
when operating satellite)
o Only 10 satellite memories (FT-847 has 12)
o Very difficult to operate satellites manually with the TS-2000B via either
the RC-2000 or the PC front end. The full front panel TS-2000 is fine in
this respect.

HTH 73, Howard G6LVB

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