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RE: Flattening the UO-14 Nulls

Interesting. I was on the 2345Z pass tonight (max el about 45 deg), and 
worked a bunch of stations, but still had fades deep enough to get to no 
copy (usually about 15-30 secs). I have the original Arrow antenna, then a 
Comet Diplexer, and then an FT530. I expected a null as it went overhead, 
but I think I heard at least 3 or 4 more. I have never put the Arrow on an 
analyzer, so it may be that. My Ft-530 may be a bit deaf...  what else?

Although I haven't been on UO-14 much, I spent a good portion of 1999 and 
2000 on AO-27, so I have a lot of experience with AO-27 and hand holding 
antennas, or antennas on camera tripods. I have trees around me (no buds yet 
here in New England), but I know I heard the "null" while in blue sky. 
Turning the antenna as far as my wrist will go just can't get rid of the 
entire null.

I record my passes for logging. I can encode it into a .wma and mail it to 
anyone interested who wants to give a listen.


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Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Flattening the UO-14 Nulls
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 08:45:56 +1000

 > Most people using Arrow Antennas (or equal) manage pretty
 > good reception using the twist-and-turn method.  I use a
 > little 3-element Yagi and can typically copy 90% or better of
 > the pass.

I've never had any problems with fades.  Yes, there are fades, but none
rarely ones that I couldn't compensate for by re-orienting the antenna.
I've even managed > 50% copy with small handheld whips.  In the case of the
latter, I've found ground reflection to be useful in inproving the signal.

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