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Re: RE: HF +satellite radio?

on 4/28/03 4:09 PM, Jim.Walls@sce.com at Jim.Walls@sce.com wrote:

> I've been following this discussion very closely as I am expecting to put
> such a radio in my new truck (within a couple months).  I really expect to
> use it mainly on VHF & UHF, but since you pay almost as much for a V/UHF
> all-mode radio as you do for an HF + 6M + 2M + 430, I might as well get the
> added capability - I have the license for it!
> Wayne said:
>> The FT-847 gives satisfactory HF performance after I added 2.1 kHz SSB
>> and 400 Hz CW crystal filters from InRad.
> <snip>
> Wayne, since on HF, I am nothing but a casual ragchewer, are the added
> filters overly needed?

OK, I replied directly to Doug, but I'll jump in on this one:

1.) For your case Jim, of casual ragchew on HF, no, you don't need the
filters.  For casual HF operation, the FT-847 is just fine.  It's not an
FT-1000, but then again, it doesn't cost as much either!  :-)

2.) As for the TS-2000, there have been reviews (by the RSGB) and comments
by others that the transmitter IMD is absolutely horrible on that rig.  It
probably has one of the dirties transmit spectrums out there.  I have also
heard that the receiver while perhaps better than the FT-847 still isn't all
that great.



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