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Re: Repeater on the Moon

on 4/28/03 9:48 AM, Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL at vlfiscus@mcn.net wrote:

> If a repeater or transponder on the moon were a good idea, there would
> already be a bunch up there.

That's crazy.  Your logic is so flawed it isn't funny.  There's a LOT of
good ideas that don't exist for one reason or another.  There's a LOT of bad
ideas that DO exist.

It would be a great idea to have 5 more fully working AO-40s.  But according
to your logic since it hasn't happened, it isn't a good idea.

It's a bad idea that terrorists and dictators can have safe havens some
places in this world.  But since that happens, according to your logic it
must be a good idea.

I personally think a moon repeater is a dumb idea AT THIS TIME.  Some day it
will be a great thing and we will have one just as some day we will have
permanent occupancy of the moon.  The first question is if it is even
possible.  The answer is yes.  The reality of feasibility of doing it is
something completely different.  Cripe, we can't even get a bird like AO-40
successfully into orbit without crap happening to it!  As amateurs we are
not even crawling as far as venturing into space.

So while I would not be in favor of spending the little money we have on a
moon project, I do think it is something that could be made to happen.  We
do have to dream a little.  And if some independently wealthy hams on this
list wish to make a moon transponder a reality then have at it!



Jon Ogden
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