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Re: Flattening the UO-14 Nulls


> What is required to be able to work QSO's during UO-14's deep nulls?

The two tried-and-true methods are 1) a LOT of gain, meaning BIG antennas, or 2) switchable circular polarity.  In the latter case, even small antennas with a preamp work quite well.

> Is it feasible for a portable station to do this?
> 7 elements on a linear polarized yagi doesn't seem to cut 
> it, even if I
> turn and twist the orientation.

Most people using Arrow Antennas (or equal) manage pretty good reception using the twist-and-turn method.  I use a little 3-element Yagi and can typically copy 90% or better of the pass.
Jerry, K5OE

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