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Re: RE: HF +satellite radio?

I've been following this discussion very closely as I am expecting to put
such a radio in my new truck (within a couple months).  I really expect to
use it mainly on VHF & UHF, but since you pay almost as much for a V/UHF
all-mode radio as you do for an HF + 6M + 2M + 430, I might as well get the
added capability - I have the license for it!

Wayne said:
> The FT-847 gives satisfactory HF performance after I added 2.1 kHz SSB
> and 400 Hz CW crystal filters from InRad.

Wayne, since on HF, I am nothing but a casual ragchewer, are the added
filters overly needed?

This is sort of the list I have come up with for pros for each radio:

TS-2000 advantages:
      Mobile control head smaller than 847
      1.2 GHz available

847 advantages:
      847 smaller if B-2000 not using mobile head
      AO-27 and SO-50 birdie on TS-2000
      Less expensive - especially if using mobile head on B-2000
      Direct control of matching Yaesu screwdriver antenna for HF

This will be going into a full-size pickup truck, so I can deal with the
size of the radio, but a remote control head would be nice from a space
issue.  In any case, the radio will be used mostly on VHF & UHF on SSB
(separate radios for FM) - Kenwood TS-742) - both terrestrial and
satellite.  Although there will be the TS-742 for FM, this radio would most
likely be used for the FM satellites in addition to the analog ones rather
than the TS-742.  1.2 GHz would be nice, but not a show stopper (there is a
fair amount of 1.2 GHz here in the Los Angeles area, but I have FM in
TS-742).  At this point, I'm leaning towards the 847, but not quite decided
and I will not buy anything until I decide on the truck and figure out how
much space the REALLY will be (that could force me to the B-2000).

I look forward to more on this discussion...

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Mobile Radio Operations
Southern California Edison Co.
Ofc:   626-302-8515   -   PAX   28-515
FAX:   626-302-7501   -   PAX   27-501

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