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Re: RE: HF +satellite radio?

   From: Estes Wayne-W10191 <W10191@motorola.com>
   Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 11:06:44 -0500

   I've used a FT-847 extensively on HF and satellite since before the
   TS-2000 was on the market.

   I don't understand why FSK would be a selling point for the
   TS-2000.  You can do RTTY and all other HF digital modes without
   true FSK capability.  Just hook up a computer sound card to the
   radio's data port and use software such as Hamscope or MixW.  Does
   ANYBODY do FSK the old-fashioned way any more?

Yes, many of us.  It's a RTTY thing.  I'll be asking the same sort of
question on the RTTY list.

   For DXpeditions, the FT-847 would score points for being smaller
   and lighter than the TS-2000.  If you ever need to use L-band
   uplink, the TS-2000 would be the obvious winner.  In my opinion,
   the decision depends primarily on how much money you have to spend,
   and whether or not you need L-band capability.

The difference in weight isn't that much, apparently. The FT-847 is
lighter, by 2.8 pounds (TS2000 17.2 lbs, FT-847 14.4 labs), but the
TS2000 includes an antenna tuner, and has no recommendation that I can
find that power should be lowered for high duty-cyle RTTY.

The TS2000 is just about twice the volume of the FT-847, though.  That
could, of course, include the L band option.

I should, and will, check out the ARRL reviews before I spend any

And I can always stay with my existing pair of IC-706's.  With the
CT-16, they're pretty easy to operate, and provide two completely
separate HF rigs.  

73, doug
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