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Re: Worse than SARS in US...

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, Don Woodward wrote:

> CNN reported ~36,000 people died from the flu last year in the US. Seems
> like an incredibly large number.

Thats what I can't stand about the media!

On the first few days of the war, when the first 4 Americans got killed
and CNN was lamenting that we are going to lose the war and these are too
high a  price to pay, etc,...  I looked up the DAILY death rates in
America in an Almanac...  THey were something like this:

EVERY DAY in Ameirca:

 100 people die from Gunshots
  80 people die from acccidents in their homes (falls, etc)
 100 people die on their way to or from work in Traffic accidents
  10 people commit suicide
6000 (or was it 3000?) die of sickness,disease and old age

And there were lots more categories...

When the News Reporter died of a Pulminary Embolism and it was considered
a Tragedy of monumental impact and great sacrifice, in the same report
they reported that 25,000 Americans die of the same thing every year.
Thats over 70 EVERY DAY.  But apparenly it only counts if you are a media

Its a big country,  There are 250,000,000 of us.

During all the HYPE about the guy who killed his wife in California, the
media ignorees the fact that there are more than 2 dozen such domestic
murder cases EVERY DAY!...

Just because the Boobtube brings the WORLDS media focus to bear on the
most terrible tragedy somehwere in the world and brings it right into your
own living room, greatly distorts "time, space and distance" and the
significance of large numbers...

There are lots of tragedies in this world every minute, but it seems the
only ones that  count are the ones that CNN or FOX can get their cameras
and Satellite trucks to easily...


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