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Re: Repeater on the Moon

I'll have to admit I'm new to AMSAT, and this is certainly to have been brought up 
before, but as to issues of paying for satellites, particularly the _really_ expensive 
stuff (such as geostationary, moon-based, etc.), what has been the consideration in the 
past of a "partnership" between commercial interests and AMSAT on a _single_ package?  
For example, Hughes is probably the best known satellite maker in the U.S.  Has Hughes 
ever been approched with the concept of integrating a small amateur package _into_ one 
of their satellites?  Since they're going up anyway, I'm sure the funds could more 
easily be raised to "modify" an existing satellite design, rather than building and 
launching one from scratch.  Adding another foot or so to the size shouldn't be that 
much more expensive (maybe I'm wrong).

The same would go for any launch to the moon.  A partnership with someone with bigger 
pockets would certainly be less expensive than a full-blown individual effort.

As I say, I'm new here, and haven't thought this through entirely.  Just something I 
think about when not multi-tasking :)

Karl, WA5TMC
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