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Re: AW: Repeater on the Moon

> there is a place on the Moon where most if not all of the cold soak
> thermal problems go away.  That is on Malpert Mountain at about 83
> degrees south latitude (if my memory serves).  This location is in
> permanent sun or nearly so AND has 100% line of site to the Earth.

Yes, but there are still mounumental challenges:

There is only one single point (the tippy top) that could possibly be
in full sun during the 360 degree rotation of the moon.  Without an
atmosphere to move heat around,  just being 3 feet into a shadow is not
much different from being 3 days into a shadow.

So you either have to climb to the tippy top of the mountain, and install
a mast so that the device can be always illuminated from all 360 degrees
or you have to install multiple thermal collectors and radiators to move
the heat around from those panels that are on the sunny side to those that
are in the shade at any particular time..

And getting the Astronauts to climb a mountain is another challenge..


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