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Re: Repeater on the Moon

Bruce Bostwick <lihan161051@earthlink.net> wrote:

>>3) Pointing the gain antennas.
>This might be an easy one.  How accurately does the antenna need to be 
>pointed?  The earth doesn't move much in the lunar sky, mainly from 
>eccentricity/libration effects, and all of these motions are predictable at 
>least to some extent.  It's probably worthwhile putting in some az/el 
>control of the high-gain antenna into the command system, if nothing else 
>but fine tuning, but your high-gain antenna is going to be pointed pretty 
>close to the earth at all times.  Depending on what the pattern of the 
>antenna is, it might be sufficient to position it so the center of its 
>pattern is aimed at the center of the earth's relative motion -- this would 
>reduce the power demand from steering the high-gain to track the earth and 
>would keep the gain antenna more or less correctly pointed if (i.e. when) 
>the az/el motors fail.

G3RUH wrote an article about this. You can also work it
out from any standard astronomical reference. I find Meeus
to be a good reference.

This is also an utterly fundamental requirement for such
a proposal, since it limits the antenna gain you can use
on the Moon, which determines the RF output power you
must generate to establish communication.

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