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FT-530 on UO-14: was UO-14 Demo - possible EU-US/Canada contact?


>I'm running a couple of demos on UO-14 on this Sunday, 27 April. If
>QRV it'd be good to speak to you. The pass times I'll be doing will be
>and 1116Z, and the second pass has a good shot at the east coast US and

>If there's any early birds over there, it'd be great to have a QSO with

>73 Howard G6LVB


I didn't hear you but worked a G3 and CT3/EA4EE from FN42 using a Arrow
and my FT-530 barefoot (5W)...  I drove up to a high ridge near Mt
Wachusett in north central MA at 6:30am.

That was fun...  I haven't been on the FM birds in awhile.

A question for those of you with the Yaesu FT-530...  any neat set-up
tricks for working the FM birds?

I have mine set with Uplink on the left, downlink on the right
(sub-band), and I select sub-band-op so I can adjust the vfo on UHF for
doppler. I have a y-adapter into the headphone jack, one side to my
headphones, the other going into a micro-cassette recorder for logging.
I hold the rig in my left hand (also PTT and tuning), and hold the arrow
in the right. Would be interested in what others with the FT-530 have
done to log and operate while holding both the rig and the antenna. I
know it also has VOX as well as the ability to direct audio to either
the front speaker or the speaker mic.


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