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Re: Repeater on the Moon

Mike, Lunatic does come from the word Lunar.  It was once thought the moon 
made some people crazy.  They called the crazy people lunatics.  When I 
first heard the history of the word, I thought it was funny, but 
lately(last few days), I'm beginning to believe there really are lunatics.

If a repeater or transponder on the moon were a good idea, there would 
already be a bunch up there.

The vehicle required to put the repeater safely on the moons surface would 
probably be bigger and weigh more than AO-40 alone.  That's not counting 
the repeater and it's supporting "keep alive" hardware.

I don't think phase 5 is a good idea either, but I don't have to donate to 
that one.

At 11:12 AM 4/28/03 +0000, "Mike Hooles" <Mikehooles@btinternet.com> wrote:
>Many thanks for your comments fellows,
>I've put the lot together in my 'Lunar' or is it 'loonie' file and will be
>looking at it more closely in the coming months.
>My trouble is that I've worked with successful heretics all my life who all
>had the saying 'It's only the impossible that's nearly impossible',
>See you on one of the few 'birds' that are still going,
>Mike G3LGR

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