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my strange observation on AO-40 S2 beacon

Hi all

     Today(Apr-28-2003), I observed some strange on AO-40 S2 beacon
requency. Before 01z, everything is quite normal. But after on 01z until
06z(LOS of today at my location), the beacon frequency was abruptly
jumped up
a few kHz many times. Everytime a several minutes later, the frequency
returned. While the beacon was up-shifted, the PSK sound was unsteady,
ie. QRH, and was unable to decode.
     I tried to make sure there's no problem on my side. I got same
observation with the different receivers, but they have the common DC.
Therefore I'm not sure the problem is on my DC or the bird.

Is the abruptly frequency jump typical when the power budget is negative ?
Is there anybody who has same observation ?

73, Kazu  JJ1WTK

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