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RE: Repeater on the Moon

And an elephant can fly, if you strap a big enough airplane to its butt!

Yes, a repeater would work on the moon.  So instead of taking up bandwidth
arguing with the ones who don't think it can. why don't you be the first to
do it.  Come up with the calcs, begin building it, ask on the list for
contributions.  Talk is just that, TALK.  Lets see some ACTION!

And the satellite operators will beat a path to your door.

No, wait, that was on the mouse-trap list!

I am a self-appointed NON-expert, I know I can't do it!

Mike.  KD9KC

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> Hi Bob:
> I fully agree that the hard part is getting it there and
> making it survive
> the harsh environment.  However, the problem has been that
> too many self
> appointed experts do not know that it will work.

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