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Re: Repeater on the Moon

Hi Bob:

I fully agree that the hard part is getting it there and making it survive
the harsh environment.  However, the problem has been that too many self
appointed experts do not know that it will work.  This subject seems to come
up every few months, and the same self appointed experts keep repeating the
same old crap.  They do not understand the difference between EME and a
transmitter located on the moon.  They keep stating that it is impossible,
except for a select few of large EME stations.

William published the mathematical data that shows just how easy it would
be, ASSUMING, that you can afford to put the thing on the moon in the first

Hopefully, this time around, there will be some intelligent conversations
about how it could be done.

RE: "It's not worth exploring at all. Even if you could get a payload
 to the Moon and soft land it there, the path loss, power budget
and antenna aiming requirements render it a non-starter.
It wouldn't be brilliant at all. It just wouldn't work."

Comments like the above, from people who do not understand the technology in
the first place, have stifled some interesting and thought provoking
discussions for too long.



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> On Sun, 27 Apr 2003, Woody wrote:
> > It will work, and we can do it, as long as we do not accept the
> > "impossible" that the "experts" keep repeating every time this subject
> > comes up.
> The "will work" is the EASY part.  Everyone knows that. But the HARD part
> is:
> 1) Just surviving the extreme heat and cold
> 2) the Several week long period of total darkness (no power)
> 3) Pointing the gain antennas.
> 4) getting it there!  (a few trillion dollars)...
> The Radio part is trivial.  No one is condeming the project based on the
> RF calculations.
> Bob

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