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Re: Repeater on the Moon

I cant believe these lunie ideas come up over and over.

Yes, A Moon Relay can be done.  With proper engineering just about
ANYTHING can be done.  But it takes "engineering" of every aspect to make
it work.  And the bottom line is the cost.

As our nation and schools graduate fewer and fewer engineers, fewer and
fewer students that have any understanding of math and believe in all
manner of media amplified pseudo-science, we as a society are becoming
more and more influenced by bogus junk science and stupid ideas.

Engineering a Moon relay is a good challenge, it is a fun project, and
like any good enginnering challenge there IS an answer that can be made to
work.  (thats the joy of engieering!)...
But at what cost.   The engineers on here have answered over and over the
problems you have to address to engineer such a repeater.

The laws of physics cannot be ignored just because its a neat idea.  SO
instead of talking about it, design it and lets look at the numbers.  I
loved the previous quote.  If you can't put it into numbers, then dont
even  talk about it until you can.  Otherwise there is nothing factual to
talk about.

It has been posted here the Path loss, the extreme termperatures, and the
many week long periods of total darkness.  Work up the numbers and then
lets talk.  All else is just BS...

I think it would be a great student project (to do the calculations and
design) if for no other reason so that people would see once and for all
how totally impractical it is...  Fun, yes, good for study, yes, but I
hope those AMSAT minds (who could actually make such a thing) have better
things to do with their time..


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