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Re: PCSat from the "Outback"

In a message dated 04/27/03 1:20:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
vk2kgm@optusnet.com.au writes:

>   I noticed, (when I had internet access) that PCSat was digipeating some
>  of my APRS packets but not on every pass.

Hi Murray...

One of the problems I have here on the East Coast of the United States is 
that I can get a digipeated signal throught PCSAT and see the "*" on the 
return packet from the satellite itself but the packet doesn't make it into 
the terrestrial system.

The repeated packet has to be received by a gateway that has coverage at the 
same time you do. In my case, my packet is received far to the east of me 
over the Atlantic Ocean and the typical gateway I see is N0AN (who I assume 
is in the center of the continent somewhere). If he is not in the sat's 
pattern, he does not hear or post my packet on the internet.

Another possibility is doppler. If you are not adjusting for doppler, the sat 
may only hear you at certain times during passes.

The Findu is not the perfect tool because it has many variables which must be 
met to record your signal. The only real proof of a packet is your own 
reception of your return or someone else's QSL.

Sounds like a Great trip...except if it was into the sun...too bad ISS wasn't 
doing it's thing at the time....additionally Bob has a special frequency for 
trips like yours and I think they might be able to dump packets onto 144.39 
which in the states is the terrestrial APRS freq, However I don't know if you 
use it down under.

BST 73

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