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Re: coax running

w7lrd@juno.com wrote:

> Hello
> I'm looking for stuff to do while waiting for AO-40.  I have seen
> different pictures of your antennas and a few run the coax back up the
> boom to the cross boom, over then down the tower.  Many (mine included)
> droop the coax off the back of the yagi to the tower.  Is one preferred
> over the other?  The drooping method can add weight, the other looks
> neater.  Comments?

    I have always routed the coax back along the boom and because of how I
have the antennas mounted, I have to do it that way.  In my case, when the
antennas are i9n the correct azimuth and pointed straight up, the back end
of the 2M antenna is only about 4 inches above the peak of the roof.  If the
coax hund down from the back, it would snag on the roof very easily and
damage either the roof or the coax.  The 430 feedline does loop around a few
inches behind the back end of the antenna, but that antenna is shorter than
the 2M antenna so the few inches is not a problem.  The antennas can be seen

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