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Re: For any users of Autek Research Antenna Analysts

Hi Mal.

malnp2l@attglobal.net writes:
> I see these advertised regularly in QST.  They cover both hf and vhf/uhf
>  with two units and offer a discount if you buy both.  They appear superior
>  to the MFJ units in both size and price.  I'd be interested in any 

I won't repeat the previous comments, but I own the Autek HF and have 
borrowed the MFJ on occasion.  The MFJ is easier to use (I like the analog 
meters), but it is about 6X the size and weight.  If you are doing work on 
the ground, the MFJ is easier.  If you  are up on a tower or in some other 
awkward place, slipping the Autek in and out of your pocket is pretty darn 

Jerry, K5OE

ps:  the comment about the capacitor is right on--I had to repair mine after 
a couple years' service.
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