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38k6 and 76k8

Thanks to all who provided info on what they are using for these data 
rates.  Seems like Symek is the only thing in use at present.

If this effort comes to fruition it would be on a dual use satellite that 
would do a one or two year science mission on other frequencies first, then 
be switched into the ham bands for use as a digital store and forward 
resource till it dies.  Probably V up at 9k6 / U down switchable 
38k6/76k8.  LEO, 560km altitude.  Sorry, no cameras.  Launch in early 2006, 
so Amateur use would be in '08 or thereabouts.  These things do take a long 
time to come together. . .
Absolutely no guarantees at this point so don't run out and buy gear.


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