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RE: For any users of Autek Research Antenna Analysts

Hi Malcolm
I'm happy to own both of the units, and I'm quite pleased with them.
(As I believe all owners of MFJ are also :-)
I first bought the HF unit, at that time the VHF/UHF unit wasn't
available (at least not in Denmark) and it has served me well. I also
use it to determine VF of coax cables, but all this is described in the
(Very good instruction book actually)

Then came the VHF/UHF unit, and I acquired one of those too.
It also has a particular nice feature: u simply press two buttons (in ur
desired range (50 / 144 / 435 Mc) and voila,... it automatically finds
the freq. with the best VSWR.

2 things:  1) The higher the frequency, the more difficult/critical the
measurement becomes, but again... the instructions are quite detailed.

           2)  They are using a SO-239 connector !!! and the centre pin
MAY turn... and directly on the inside is a very small capacitor, that
does NOT like to be twisted around... be careful

Any questions ?  don't hesitate to ask again
Vy 73 de OZ4UI / Lars

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I see these advertised regularly in QST.  They cover both hf and vhf/uhf
with two units and offer a discount if you buy both.  They appear
to the MFJ units in both size and price.  I'd be interested in any

Mal, NP2L
St. John, USVI

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