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Re: Repeater on the Moon

Mike Hooles wrote:

>Idle thoughts of an idle fellow.
>Using the rolled up paper design of antennas (maybe for solar panels as
>well) , could we design and build a very lightweight 70cm/13cm repeater
>without backup batteries for daylight use only, that can easily be unfurled
>on the moon?
>If so, perhaps we could get the Chinese to put it there as I understand 
>are planning to put a man there in about 2 years time.
>What's in it for us? A brilliant repeater.
>What's in it for them?  Incontravertable proof that they have been there 
>a live momento that can be heard by all on earth.
>It may be worth exploring.

It's not worth exploring at all. Even if you could get a payload
to the Moon and soft land it there, the path loss, power budget
and antenna aiming requirements render it a non-starter.
It wouldn't be brilliant at all. It just wouldn't work.

As a certain fictional engineer once put it, "Ye canna
change the laws of physics!"

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