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Re: Moon question

Good Morning,
   I would think that closer to a pole you might be able to move heat around
with heat tubes as apposed to being somewhere
where there might not be a shadow at times.

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> My guess is that since there is no atmosphere on the moon, there are no
> seasons and nothing else for that matter to "move temperature" around.
> It simply boils down to...if there is sunlight shining on a rock on the
> equator, it gets hot.  Similar for a rock at either pole.  The distance
> difference from the sun for either rock is negligible.  Certainly sun
> angle has some heating effect, but this angle has the same effect at any
> location on the entire surface.  It is true that toward the poles you
> will have surface area that is constantly in shadow and thus always very
> cold.  So, in the end, I would not think it much different at all to put
> equipment either on the equator or on a pole.  Caveat....I could be way
> off my rocker here....I am simply speaking off the top of my head
> without any scientific background.

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