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conformal antennas

Pardon the off topic . . .

At the AFA we are looking at a complete redesign of the avionics, 
telemetry, and computer for our sounding rocket.  We just had a successful 
test flight of a partially fueled rocket to 35k feet.  This winter we hope 
to take a full-up version to the Cape and try for 300k feet.

I'm looking for info on conformal antennas for S band, GPS, VHF and UHF for 
a 5.5 " diameter rocket body.  We think we have pretty much zeroed located 
the other components of the system but getting adequate GPS signal both on 
the way up and down seems to be an interesting antenna problem.  Finding an 
adequate antenna for an S band range safety system and a decent antenna for 
the 400 MHz telemetry downlink also appear to be a bit of a challenge.

Any aviation or rocket comm folks out there?  Any thoughts appreciated.


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