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Re: Don't Hear Nothin'

Hi Bill,

With that setup you should hear well enough!  As someone else pointed out,
the squint isn't good right now.  I believe the S2 helix on AO-40 has a null
around 45 degrees.  There's a secondary sidelobe around 60 degrees or so.
It's confusing before you know that!  :-)

Secondly, your d/c might not convert directly to 123.1.  Be sure to look
around the area, perhaps 100 kHz on either side of the "theoretical"
frequency.  This will allow for doppler and d/c drift, etc.

Biggest issue though is probably squint.  To determine squint in Nova, I
think there's a setting somewhere to enter the values of Alon and Alat.  The
most current values are put out by Stacey Mills in his AO-40 updates here on
the reflector or you can find them on the AMSAT-DL website in the AO-40
status section.  I think right now the latest ALON/ALAT numbers are
something like 20 and 7.

Good luck and see you on the bird when it comes out of hibernation!



on 4/23/03 12:06 PM, William P Gravett at wgravett@juno.com wrote:

> Well, I am showing my ignorance probably but I am sitting here with my
> N3IYR pointed at where NOVA with the latest Keps says AO40 ought to be,
> my computer synced to wwv, a new DEMI ULN pre amp I just built (and
> checked out with a 2.4 gig signal source) an unmodified DRAKE 2880 with
> 13.8 vdc going to it , and  all I hear is sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at
> 123.1 MHz with my FT847. GMT is about 1700, AZ at 123, el at 40.3
> Is(are) there something(s) I don't know and should?????Please help>
> Thanks 73

Jon Ogden
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