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Arabic (?) music on FO-20 !!!


Anybody else hearing some (sounds to me) Arabic music, in FM on FO20 ???
I heared it yesterday afternoon (21 april) when the satellite was flying 
over the area Israel, Turkye, Greece.... up to the north towards Europe.

I made a copy of it with my mini-disc. Several moments the modulation was 
even noise free !!! The downlink was at abt. 435.900MHz, so the uplink is at 
abt. 145.900MHz.

Anybody hear this before ? It must be a relative strong transmitter. I can 
not imagine some indoor system will provide such strong uplinks, and noise 
free !!

When needed I will try to make a digital file of the minidisc-record and put 
it on internet. Maybe we can find the pirate :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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