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Re: re:Linear Trasnponders

At 05:42 PM 4/21/2003 -0500, Bruce Bostwick wrote:
>> In your first lines you supposed to build a 30kHz wide transponder for 
>> PSK31 use, so I don't understand the 3kHz now :-{ Maybe you mean a one 
>> channel PSK31 reciever ?
>3kHz would only be one channel if the person transmitting is 
>splattering REALLY bad .. ;-) .. like the RigBlaster is cranked up way 
>too high and the signal is almost a square wave.  PSK31 is supposed to 
>fit into 31 *Hz* .. leaving a little guard band cuts down on the QRM, 
>but you don't need *that* much room .. or you shouldn't ..


PSK-31 sub-band on 20m occupies about 2 KHz  14.070 +/- 1 KHz and I have
seen a dozen concurrent QSO's in progress.  On satellite it might be more
difficult due to doppler.

Ed - AL7EB

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