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re:Linear Trasnponders

Hello AMSATs,

Building a lineair transponder is not that easy like the Digital and FM 
Complete FM TX/RX are already cheap available in one IC. With lineair 
transponders its some more complicated. Then transponders are also not very 
cheap to make... and testing needs good and expensive equipment to...

Besides that I just let you know that very soon new lineair transponders 
will be available for amateurs (LEO). I am already long time working on some 
simple, small, and relative cheap transponder design.

>On Sat, 19 Apr 2003, Scott Townley wrote:

>>I would echo the previous comment that a linear LEO would be most

>With many universities building satellites, My guess is that if someone
>would build a small 30 KHz wide linear transponder, that someone wouild
>find a ride for it.

When you finance it, I will build you one .-)

>We have 4 satellites in the pipeline "approved" for design and
>construction (though I think we are way over extended)... so I am making
>NO promises.  But our PCSAT2 will have a PSK-31 linear trasnponder on it
>because students at Brno university in the Czech Republic built the SSB
>receiver for us.  And we found a way to add it to our bird..

Only a 30kHz SSB reciever makes not a transponder. And why only 30kHz and 
PSK31 ?
A transponder has the best advantage that you can do many modes and 
experiments, not only PSK31...


73 de PE1RAH, William

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